Moon House Ruins

Moon House Ruin
Anasazi Ruins

Cedar Mesa
McCloyd Canyon

          Moon House is unique in its construction and pictographs. The main ruin has both an inner and outer section, built with two walls providing fortification. The center room in the main structure is decorated in white, with a crescent moon uncolored on one wall, and a full moon uncolored on the opposing wall. It's from these pictographs that the ruin inherits its name. Please take only pictures and leave only footprints.

Circle of Friends:
          Moon House Ruin is part of the "Circle of Friends" program. Members of the "Circle of Friends" have access to more specific information, explicit route information, GPS waypoints, trailhead location and detailed maps. If you would like more information on joining the "Circle of Friends" visit the sign up page.

"Circle of Friends"

The moon for which the ruin is named. Moon House

General Information:
Moon House Ruins require a short hike and minor scrambling. The route is rated 2A II using the Canyon Rating System. A good route description and a GPS are helpful. Navigation for this route is moderate. You will not find many surface artifacts like pottery shards at Moon House because of a 1974 surface collection by archaeologists which recovered all small visible artifacts.

          A BLM Backcountry Permit is required to hike Moon House. In addition to the BLM permit you also need a McCloyd Canyon/Moon House Recreation Management Zone Day Use Permit.

Moon House You handsome tour guide at Moon House

Trailhead Information:
          A high clearance vehicle is advised for accessing this trailhead.

Stormy and Sierra at Moon House Sierra at Moon House

Medieval Fortress:
          Moon House is one of the best Anasazi ruins to be found anywhere. It contains an inner chamber, with a protective curtain wall containing numerous loopholes strategically placed to aim arrows at intruders. Erected in 1262 A.D., the curtain wall shields a hidden courtyard similar to the construction of Medieval European castles built in the same time period.

Moon House

          Enjoy a short HD video of a trip to Moon House Ruin.


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