Cottonwood Wash

Cottonwood Wash

Capitol Reef National Park
Technical Canyoneering

          Cottonwood Wash is a marvelous canyon located into the Waterpocket Fold of Capitol Reef National Park. The route description offers two options, the first is a nice technical canyoneering route and the second is an awesome hiking route. This canyon offers up a fantastic selection of slots and narrows for those willing to explore.

          Interested in viewing a short video clip of the Cottonwood Wash? This video was taken over Memorial Day Weekend.

*Cottonwood Wash Video*

Circle of Friends:
          Cottonwood Wash is part of the "Circle of Friends" program. Members of the "Circle of Friends" have access to more specific information, explicit route information, GPS waypoints, trailhead location and detailed maps. If you would like more information on joining the "Circle of Friends" visit the sign up page.

"Circle of Friends"

Stormy climbs in Cottonwood Wash Huge chokestone has a tunnel underneath

General Information:
          Cottonwood Wash is a technical canyoneering adventure. The technical portion of the canyon consists of short swims, wading, downclimbing, rappels and a bunch of fun. Navigation for this route is moderate. A GPS is useful in identifying the correct route. Good map reading skills are essential. Cottonwood Wash is rated 3B III using the Canyon Rating System.

          There are no bolted anchors in this canyon, let's preserve this feature. Hundreds of canyoneers before you have descended this canyon without placing additional bolts, so please play fair. The natural anchors are easy to locate in this canyon if you know what a big tree looks like.

Serria and Shauna wading in Cottonwood Wash Bruce Neumann at the 45' rappel

Trailhead Information:
A vehicle shuttle is required to complete this route as a technical canyon. No vehicule shuttle is required to hike this awesome canyon.

Swimming through Cottonwood Wash Bruce Neumann swimming out Cottonwood Wash

Optional Route Information:
          Cottonwood Wash can be visited and enjoyed by hikers. This is one of the best adventure hikes in Capitol Reef National Park. The hiking option for Cottonwood Wash is rated 2B III using the Canyon Rating System. An excellent route description and map are provided to all members of the Circle of Friends.

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