Fisher Towers

Fisher Towers

Moab Area

          A fun family hike that wanders through towers of ancient time. Moab is well known for bizarre geologic formations and Fisher Towers are some of the the strangest and most unusual. You must hike through these towers to realize how impressive they are. The landscape is something out of a science fiction novel.

General Information:
Click Here for Map           The Fisher Towers Trail is not difficult and can be completed by any healthy adult or child. The route involves hiking approximately 2 1/2 miles each way, over a well maintained trail. The route will require approximately three hours round trip to complete.

          This trail has a western exposure and can be brutally hot on summer afternoons. During hot weather an early morning hike is recommended. Every member of your hiking party should carry at least one liter of water. This hike is easily accessible year round.

         Navigation for this hike is easy. The route is well marked. A GPS is over kill but I have included the important waypoints for the gizmo junkies. The USGS 7.5' Map titled "Fisher Towers" covers this hike. You should have no problems completing this hike using only common sense. This route is rated 1A II using the Canyon Rating System.

          You will occasionally see rock climbers scaling the walls of the many towers. When hiking below rock climbers caution should be used to avoid rock fall. The tallest tower, the 900-foot Titan was first climber in 1962 by a team of three men from Colorado. The climb was sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

Shauna, Sierra, Bri and Stormy. Fisher Towers

Trailhead Information:
          Drive north out of Moab on Highway 191 approximately 2 miles to the junction with Highway 128. Drive east on Highway 128, along the Colorado River, for 21 miles to a well maintained gravel road on the south (right) side of Highway 128 that is signed "Fisher Towers". The Fisher Towers Road is only a few yards from mile marker 21. Follow the well maintained gravel road south for 2.2 miles to the Fisher Towers Trailhead and picnic area.

Fisher Towers Bri and Sierra climbing the ladder

Route Information:
From the Fisher Towers Trailhead (N38 43' 30", W109 18' 32") follow the trail down a short set of steps and than along a small slickrock ridge. Next the trail turns south and drops into a ravine before climbing out the other side. After the ravine the trail snakes south along the base of the towers proving an ever changing view. 1 1/2 miles after leaving the trailhead you will reach "The Titan" viewpoint (N38 43' 07", W109 18' 11"), and it's incredible view of the 900-foot Titan Tower.

          From the viewpoint the trail continues along the base of the The Titan to a sandstone gully where a ladder is provided to defeat the most difficult obstruction on the trail. After the gully the trail veers southwest onto a long ridge. The trail ends 2.3 miles from the trailhead atop a big mushroom (N38 42' 39", W109 18' 14"), with widespread views of the region.

Fisher Towers

Campground Information:
          Fisher Towers has a small 5 site campground suitable for tent camping located at the trailhead. Campsites are available on a first-come, first served basis. For more information on camping please call the Bureau of Land Management Moab Field Office at (435) 259-2100.

Fisher Towers

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