Moab Grotto Pictograph Panel

Moab Grotto
Pictograph Panel

Hiking & Rock Art

           The Moab Grotto Pictographs are a collection of rock art hidden inside a distinctive slot canyon. I have never before found rock art in such a unique and interesting location.

Circle of Friends:
          Moab Grotto Pictograph Panel is part of the "Circle of Friends" program. Members of the "Circle of Friends" have access to more specific information, explicit route information, GPS waypoints, trailhead location and detailed maps. If you would like more information on joining the "Circle of Friends" visit the sign up page.

"Circle of Friends"

Moab Grotto Pictograph Shauna inside the grotto admiring the rock art.

General Information:
          The Moab Grotto is an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours near Moab away from the normal tourist routes. The route contains numerous pictographs hidden inside an amazing little slot canyon. The route contains no major rock scrambling or other obstacles. The rock art is accessible year round in dry weather conditions.
A GPS is useful, but not required, in verifying you are on the correct route. The Moab Grotto Pictograph Panel is rated 1A I using the Canyon Rating System.

Moab Grotto Pictographs

Trailhead Information:
          This short hike is located just outside of Moab. The trailhead is accessible year round to all vehicles in dry weather conditions.

Moab Grotto Pictographs

Please take only pictures and leave only footprints.

Moab Grotto Moab Grotto Pictograph Rock


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