Newspaper Rock

Newspaper Rock
Utah State Historical Monument

Canyonlands - Needles District

           Newspaper Rock contains an amazing selection of native American rock art. The petroglyphs are easy to visit and fun for the entire family. The petroglyphs have a mixture of human, animal, material and abstract forms. Please take only pictures and leave only footprints.

General Information:
Click Here for Map          Newspaper Rock Petroglyph Panel contains an amazing selection of easy to access petroglyphs. Formerly a state park, Newspaper Rock is now designated a State Historical Monument, and is situated along the relatively well-traveled access road into the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park.

          A visit to Newspaper Rock can be accomplished in just a couple of minutes, or you might want to admire the rock for a time as you attempt to interpret the meaning of the symbols. The rock art is accessible year round in all weather conditions.

          A GPS is extreme overkill for this adventure, but I have provided the GPS waypoints for those that like playing with their toys. All waypoints and maps use the WGS84 datum. The USGS 7.5' Map titled "Shay Mountain" shows the area described. Navigation for this route is extremely easy. Newspaper Rock is rated 1A I using the Canyon Rating System.

          Those visiting Newspaper Rock should also consider a short trip to visit the Shay Canyon Petroglyphs. I highly recommend them as they are one of the finest panels of rock art on the planet.

Newspaper Rock Newspaper Rock

          This roadside attraction is located just outside of Canyonlands Needles District. Newspaper Rock is accessible to all vehicles, year round, via a paved highway.

          From Moab, Utah: Travel south on Highway 191 for 40 miles to the junction of Highway 191 and Highway 211. The junction is signed Canyonlands.

          From Monticello, Utah: Travel north on Highway 191 for 15 miles to the junction of Highway 191 and Highway 211. The junction is signed Canyonlands.

          From The Junction:  At the junction of Highway 191 and Highway 211 (N38 04' 27", W109 21' 00"), follow Highway 211 west for 12 1/2 miles to mile marker 6.7 and the signed parking lot for Newspaper Rock. The paved parking lot is located on the north side of the highway and contains a pit toilet and information kiosk.

            Newspaper Rock (N37 59' 16", W109 31' 05") is easy to locate. From the east end of the parking area just follow the signed and paved trail for 20-yards. Enjoy the views.

Newspaper Rock Utah State Historic Monument

Newspaper Rock History:
          Newspaper Rock contains petroglyphs that were made around 2,000 years ago, and as recent as the early 20th century, left by the first modern day explorers of the region, the main groups responsible for the petroglyph are the Anasazi (AD 1 to 1300), Fremont (AD 700 to 1300) and Navajo (AD 1500 onwards). The reason for the large concentration of the petroglyphs at this particular place is unclear, making the rock somewhat of a mystery.

          The petroglyphs were carved by Native Americans during both the prehistoric and historic periods. Some petroglyphs depict riders on horses which lets us know they were carved after Columbus first visited the New World and the horse was introduced.

Newspaper Rock Looking south from Newspaper Rock

Additional Rock Art:
          Newspaper Rock, Shay Canyon Petroglyphs, Hog Canyon Petroglyphs and Fighting Men Petroglyphs are normally combined to create a delightful half-day adventure visiting native American rock art.

Newspaper Rock Utah State Historic Monument

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