SGR Slot - Moab

SGR Slot
aka: Sh*t Got Real

Technical Canyoneering

          SGR is quickly gaining a reputation as the toughest canyon in the Moab region. While most the canyons in the area are great fun for the family and the less skilled canyoneer, this canyon exacts a high price for admission. The beauty and scenery are dazzling, but you need to bring some serious skills to experience it

Photography compliments of Blake Merrell.

Circle of Friends:
          SGR Slot is part of the "Circle of Friends" program. Members of the "Circle of Friends" have access to more specific information, explicit route information, GPS waypoints, trailhead location and detailed maps. If you would like more information on joining the "Circle of Friends" visit the sign up page.

"Circle of Friends"

SGR Slot - Moab SGR Slot - Moab

          SGR is rated 3A R III using the Canyon Rating System. Every member of your group must be a skilled canyoneer. This canyon could be deadly for beginners, even with advanced leadership. The following description is not a substitute for experience and commonsense. To safely descend this canyon every member of your group must be comfortable high stemming 70-feet off the deck for short distances. Do not underestimate the difficulty of descending this canyon. You have been warned!

          Now that I've given you the big scary warning here are a few more details. While this canyon is certainly the most difficult canyon I know of in the Moab area, it's doesn't rate extremely high on the difficulty scale of advanced slot canyons on the Colorado Plateau. The section of high stemming is approximately 30-yards long. The silos you must cross are not very wide and only about 5-foot long so they are not hard to cross, but a fall could have devastating consequences. Outside the short section of high stemming the canyon is pretty straightforward as technical canyons go.

SGR Slot - Moab SGR Slot - Moab

General Information:
          SGR is a serious canyoneering route that requires complete technical gear. The canyon is accessible year round, but the route would be brutally hot in the summer month's, spring and fall are the preferred seasons. This route can be completed in winter provided there is no snow on the ground and that you get an early start to avoid running out of daylight.

          Navigation for this route requires advanced skills as you must navigate through sandstone domes and cross joints carefully choosing the path of least resistance, errors in navigation can be time consuming. A GPS is extremely useful. Good map reading skills are essential. The route does traverse through areas of cryptobiotic soil but they can be avoided with a little care.

SGR Slot - Moab SGR Slot - Moab

Trailhead Information:
          The trailhead for this route is located only a few miles from Moab. A four-wheel-drive is required for accessing this trailhead.

SGR Slot - Moab

          Enjoy a short video from SGR Slot in Moab, Utah compliments of Blake Merrell.


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