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Left Fork of Blarney Canyon

Blarney Canyon
North Wash
Technical Canyoneering

          Blarney Canyon is a fun and a technically challenging adventure. The beauty of this canyon is spectacular; the narrows are deep, tight, dramatic and fun.

          Blarney Canyon offers its enchantment with only a short approach hike. The canyon has two technical routes which are divided into the Right (East) Fork and Left (West) Fork.

Circle of Friends:
          Blarney Canyon is part of the "Circle of Friends" program. Members of the "Circle of Friends" have access to more specific information, explicit route information, GPS waypoints, trailhead location and detailed maps. If you would like more information on joining the "Circle of Friends" visit the sign up page.

"Circle of Friends"

Chris Rowins & Hank Moon Right Fork of Blarney from the rim

General Information:
          Blarney Canyon is a marvelous technical canyoneering adventure. The bottom portion of Blarney Canyon can be enjoyed by hikers. It is easy to hike up the canyon bottom and enjoy long stretches of narrows. There are good primitive camp sites in the area of the trailhead.

          Blarney Canyon requires complete technical gear. There is possible wading but no swimming required in normal conditions.  The canyon should be easily accessible year round unless there is snow on the ground.

          There are no bolted anchors in this canyon, let's preserve this feature. Many canyoneers before you have descended this canyon without placing bolts, so please play fair. You might need to locate natural anchors which is not difficult in this canyon.

          A GPS is useful. Good map reading skills are essential. You must be certain you are entering the intended drainage or you could encounter major difficulties.  This canyon has a moderate flash flood danger.  Check the local weather report before committing. Blarney Canyon is rated 3A II using the Canyon Rating System.

Jim Wright in Blarney Canyon Barb Pollyea & Jim Wright in Blarney

          I highly suggest that you obtain a detailed description of this route before attempting it. Be extremely careful that you are dropping into the correct drainage. At least one rescue has resulted from a navigational error concerning canyons in this area. The cap can be confusing and all the canyons look similar from the top.  After you pull your ropes there is no escape from several canyons in this area. You have been warned!

Right Fork of Blarney from the rim Barb Pollyea & Jim Wright in Blarney

Trailhead Information:
          The trailhead to Blarney Canyon is located next to a major highway in Southern Utah and is accessible to all vehicles.  There are several great primitive camping spots in the area.

Your tour guide in Blarney Canyon Jim Wright in Blarney Canyon

          Enjoy a short HD video from the West (Left) Fork of Blarney Canyon in North Wash.


Hiking Notes:
          If you are not into technical canyoneering but would enjoy visiting a fun, photographic slot canyon this is a great place.  From the trailhead, just hike up the canyon until stopped by an obstacle.  A large portion of this canyon can be enjoyed by hiking the lower sections.  There are plenty of slots and narrows to explore that are easily accessible to hikers.

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