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Alicia Scotter enters Alcatraz

Alcatraz Canyon
AKA: Twin Corral Box - North Fork

Robbers Roost
Technical Canyoneering

          Alcatraz is the historic and infamous federal prison that required tremendous cunning and skill to escape. This compares favorably to Alcatraz Canyon, which requires the same daring and expertise to flee. This awe-inspiring slot canyon is one of the best in the Robbers Roost area.

          How did Alcatraz Canyon get its unique and colorful name? Read the complete story for an entertaining tale.

Circle of Friends:
          Alcatraz Canyon is part of the "Circle of Friends" program. Members of the "Circle of Friends" have access to more specific information, explicit route information, GPS waypoints, trailhead location and detailed maps.  If you would like more information on joining the "Circle of Friends" visit the sign up page.

"Circle of Friends"

Giles & Julie Wallace followed by Jeff Meierhofer. Tom Jones enters the crack

General Information:
Alcatraz Canyon is a remarkable slot canyon with a large assortment of downclimbing. Part of the appeal of this canyon is that many of the numerous drops offer the opportunity to downclimb instead of rappel. Alcatraz Canyon requires complete technical gear. The canyon is accessible year round unless there is snow on the ground. Total time required form trailhead to trailhead is 4 to 5 hours. A GPS is useful and good map reading skills are essential. Navigation for this route is moderate. Alcatraz Canyon is rated 3A R III using the Canyon Rating System. This is a physical technical canyon and requires moderate climbing skills and technique. This canyon has a moderate flashflood danger.

Julie Wallace downclimbs the crux. Jeff Meierhofer & Giles Wallace

Trailhead Information:
          The trailhead is located in the infamous Robbers Roost area. A carefully driven passenger car or high clearance vehicle will allow you to approach the trailhead to within a reasonable distance. Four wheel drive vehicles can easily drive right to the canyon. A vehicle shuttle is not required to complete this route.

          A short video of a trip through Alcatraz Canyon in Robbers Roost. Video courtesy of Darin Adlard.



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