Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge

Uinta Mountains
Hiking & Swimming

          Cataract Gorge has something for everyone. The area is remote and contains a clear mountain lake, a scenic river through a splendid gorge, and a pleasing waterfall. But best of all, the area contains one of the finest swimming holes to be found on a hot summer day.

Circle of Friends:
          Cataract Gorge is part of the "Circle of Friends" program. Members of the "Circle of Friends" have access to more specific information, explicit route information, GPS waypoints, trailhead location and detailed maps. If you would like more information on joining the "Circle of Friends" visit the sign up page.

"Circle of Friends"

Swimming in Cataract Gorge Cataract Gorge just below the trailhead

General Information:
          Cataract Gorge is an adventure the entire family can enjoy. The day can be no more strenuous than a picnic at the base of a waterfall or spiced up with several hours of hiking, swimming and exploring. The Cataract Gorge region is child friendly with adult supervision. Navigation for this route is easy. Good map reading skills are helpful. A GPS is useful in identifying waypoints and verifying your location.

Sierra in Cataract Gorge Sierra swimming in Cataract Gorge

          This area contains one of the finest summer swimming holes to be found anywhere in Utah. The water is brisk but not uncomfortably cold. On a hot day it's easy to swim for 30 minutes or more and not get cold.

Cataract Gorge Little Deer Creek Waterfall

Trailhead Information:
          A high clearance vehicle is advised for accessing this trailhead.

Stormy swimming in Cataract Gorge Your handsome tourguide in Cataract Gorge

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