Fifth Water Hot Spring

Fifth Water Hot Spring
AKA: Diamond Fork Hot Spring

Spanish Fork Canyon
Hiking and Hot Tubbing

           Fifth Water Hot Spring might be the best winter hike in the Wasatch Range. The hike into the Hot Spring is short enough to be enjoyable for most people and long enough to keep out some of the riff-raff. Fifth Water Hot Spring is one of the most picturesque Hot Springs you will ever visit and the water temperature is perfect for a backcountry hot tub. Nothing beats soaking in a crystal clear wilderness Hot Spring while surrounded by freshly fallen snow.

          The pictures on this web page do not do justice to the beauty of the area. The pools are bright, clear and full of color.

Circle of Friends:
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"Circle of Friends"

Fifth Water Hot Spring Fifth Water Hot Spring

General Information:
          The hike into the Hot Springs is approximately one hour each way. The Hot Springs can be reached year round and are particularly popular on Saturday. Spring and Fall are the most crowded seasons for visiting the Hot Springs. Good map reading skills and a GPS are useful. Navigation for this route is easy. Bring plenty of water since the hike and soaking in the hot tubs can be very dehydrating.       

          Go prepared to take a nice soak and don't forget a towel to dry off. The hot springs are popular with families. Skinny-dipping anywhere in Utah County is illegal and Utah County has been cracking down on violators, so don't forget your swimming suit.

          If you visit the Hot Springs consider taking a small plastic garbage bag and carrying out more trash than you carry in. The Hot Springs are very clean and nice but there is always an inconsiderate person who leaves a mess for others. This is a location, which could remain enchanting for many years with a little help from us all or become trashed in a hurry. Please provide a little extra effort to create an enjoyable place to visit.

Fifth Water Hot Spring Fifth Water Hot Spring

Winter Information:
          Winter is my favorite time to soak in the Fifth Water Hot Springs. My family has enjoyed them when the air temperature was a balmy 6 Fahrenheit.

Fifth Water Hot Spring Fifth Water Hot Spring

Trailhead Information:
The Trailhead is located just over one hour from Salt Lake City and just over 30 minutes from Provo, Utah.

Saturdays are the busy day.

          Enjoy a short entertaining video of a trip to Fifth Water Hot Springs. Video provided by of Dan Burt.


Drone Video:
          Enjoy a unique drone video of a trip to Fifth Water Hot Springs. Video provided by of Brett Johnson.



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