Mount Olympus - Wasatch Mountains

Mount Olympus
Elevation 9026'

Wasatch Mountains
Hiking & Mountaineering

          Mount Olympus dominates the Salt Lake City skyline and is one of the most popular hikes in the valley. The spectacular summit view is extremely rewarding.

General Information:
Click Here for Google Earth KMZ file.Click Here for Map          The 7 mile round trip summit hike into the Mount Olympus Wilderness Area will require approximately 7 hours. The route is rated 2 III using the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS). The summit is often hiked year round by experienced hikers and mountaineers. Beginners will find summer and fall to be the preferred months to climb this mountain.

          A GPS might be helpful, but is not required for this route. The USGS 7.5' Map titled "Sugar House" shows the area described. Navigation for this route is moderate. Mount Olympus follows a trail all the way to the summit. The final 1/4 mile scramble to the summit can be a little difficult to navigate for beginning hikers not paying attention, all others should have no problem. All waypoints and maps for the Mount Olympus hike use the WGS84 datum.

Mount Olympus - Wasatch Mountains Mount Olympus - Wasatch Mountains

Winter Climbing:
          The 9026' south summit of Mount Olympus is climbed year round by
experienced hikers and mountaineers. If you attempt this summit in winter I suggest you bring good waterproof boots, gaiters and ski or trekking poles. In late winter and early spring the snow will be approximately 10 to 15 feet deep on the summit. I have never required snowshoes to summit since the trail is usually well traveled and packed. If you want to snowshoe there are much better adventures to be found. Avalanche danger is minimal on this winter climb but as always, precautions should be taken. The summit ridge can be heavily corniced and very dangerous in winter. Approach the summit ridge with extreme caution in winter conditions. You have been warned!

Mount Olympus - Wasatch Mountains Mount Olympus - Wasatch Mountains

Trailhead Information:
          The Mount Olympus Trailhead is located east of Salt Lake City on Wasatch Boulevard. If you are traveling north on I-215 take the 3900 South exit to Wasatch Boulevard, then turn south and drive for 2.3 miles. If you are driving south on I-215 take the 4500 South exit to Wasatch Boulevard, than continue south for 1.6 miles.

          There is a paved parking lot on the east side of Wasatch Boulevard which is signed "Mt. Olympus Trailhead". The parking lot is also referred to as "Pete's Rock" in the local climbing community.

Mount Olympus - Wasatch Mountains Mount Olympus - Wasatch Mountains

Route Information:
            From  the Mount Olympus Trailhead (N40 39' 07", W111 48' 23"), walk to the south end of the parking lot and follow the steep trail up to the top of Pete's Rock. From the top of Pete's Rock just follow the main trail as it snakes east up the mountain. After hiking approximately 1/2 mile you will come to a major trail junction (N40 39' 12", W111 48' 13"). The trail to the left (north) is part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST). Take the trail to the right and continuing hiking approximately 1/2 mile until you encounter a second major trail junction (N40 39' 05", W111 48' 01"). The trail to the left (north) is part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Take the trail to the right and continuing hiking.

          One mile after leaving the second BST trail junction the trail will cross the seasonal stream in Tolcats Canyon (N40 39' 11", W111 47' 22"). You will often find flowing water in the stream from spring through early summer. A general rule is if you can see snow from the valley floor between the north and south summits of Mount Olympus you will find water in the stream. Hiking to the stream is a popular destination for many. The stream is never raging or difficult to cross.

          As the trail crosses the stream it begins to zigzag up what is known as "Blister Hill". 1-1/4 mile after crossing the stream the trail reaches a magnificent viewpoint known as "The Balcony" (N40 39' 14", W111 46' 18"). The Balcony offers spectacular views into Heughs Canyon and Twin Peaks to the south.

          At the Balcony the trail turns north and climbs 1/4 mile to the south summit of Mount Olympus (N40 39' 25", W111 46' 15"). The last section of trail requires some minor scrambling. The route is never difficult or exposed. If you encounter a difficult or exposed section you are off course, at which point you need to backtrack and locate the correct route. Enjoy the summit view, it is magnificent.

Mount Olympus - Wasatch Mountains

          Enjoy a short video of a hike to the south summit of 9026' Mount Olympus.


Mount Olympus:
Length: 3 1/2 miles - One Way.
Time: 3 hours - One Way.
Trailhead: 4,925'
Summit: 9,026'
Skill Rating: Moderate
Summer Equipment: None
Winter Equipment: Waterproof Boots, Gaiters and Ski Poles.
Water: 3 liters per person minimum.
Difficulties: Minor Scrambling
Circle Trip: No
Warnings: Minor Exposure & Winter Avalanche Danger.

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