Storm Window Arch

Storm Window
The Arch in Corner Canyon

Wasatch Mountains

           Storm Window is a true arch through a granite fin located in Corner Canyon on the Lone Peak Massif. This is a fun hike when you are short of time and are looking for something close to home. This is the ideal spring and fall hike for those wanting to avoid the crowds.

General Information:
Click Here for Google Earth KMZ file.Click Here for Map          Storm Window Arch requires approximately two or three hours for a round trip to visit the arch, enjoy lunch and do a little exploring. Spring and fall are the ideal times of year for attempting this hike. The route can be very hot in summer. The route is accessible during the winter, but requires hiking the Corner Canyon Road as the gates are usually locked when the road is wet or muddy.

          Every member of your hiking party should carry a minimum of at least one liter of water. The route contains 900 feet of elevation gain, and requires some route finding skills as only a faint hiker trail is available for most of the route. A GPS is useful in verifying you are on the correct route. The USGS 7.5' Maps titled "Draper" and "Lehi" show the area described. All waypoints and maps use the WGS84 datum. Storm Window Arch is rated 1A II using the Canyon Rating System.

          As is typical when hiking most of the lower elevations along the Wasatch Front you might encounter a rattlesnake. Since there is no maintained trail to the arch you will be hiking cross-country through seldom hiked terrain which will increase your odds of an encounter. Rattlesnake are really not an issue and they do their best to avoid humans, but beware its not uncommon to see one on this hike.

Stormy visiting Storm Window Sierra at the creek

Trailhead Information:
From I-15, Take the 12300 South Exit (Draper Exit #291). Drive east on 12300 South for 1.9 miles to 1300 East. Turn south (right) on 1300 East and drive 0.2 miles to a traffic circle. Take Pioneer Road (12400 South) east for 1.1 miles to 2000 East, Turn south (right) on 2000 East and drive 0.2 miles to the Orson Smith Trailhead (N40 31' 18", W111 50' 02").

          The Orson Smith Trailhead is signed, easy to locate, contains a picnic area, information kiosk, and restrooms. On the south side of the Orson Smith Trailhead you will find a gate and the Corner Canyon Road. The gate is unlocked and open if the road is dry.

          Follow the Corner Canyon Road south for 1.6 miles to the Bonneville Shoreline Trailhead (N40 30' 22", W111 50' 06"). The Bonneville Shoreline Trailhead (BST) is signed, easy to locate, contains a picnic area, information kiosk and restrooms. Most passenger vehicles can drive to this trailhead. Beyond this trailhead a high clearance vehicle is advised. Parking and walking from the BST adds one mile of easy road walking each way to your adventure. At the BST you will also find a second gate. The gate is unlocked and open if the road is dry.

          From the Bonneville Shoreline Trailhead continue driving south on the Corner Canyon Road for 1.0 miles to the Jacobs Ladder/Ghost Falls Trailhead. Jacobs Ladder/Ghost Falls Trailhead is signed, easy to locate, contains a picnic area, information kiosk and restrooms. This is the trailhead for hiking Storm Window Arch. This is also a popular trailhead for hiking Ghost Falls.

Lunch under Storm Window Arch Shauna just finishing the steep hike up to Storm Window.

Route Information:
            The Jacobs Ladder Trailhead (N40 29' 39", W111 48' 59") is the beginning of several different trails. You want to locate the trail on the north side of the parking area heading directly north up the slope. The trail is easy to identify as it was once a road used to access the Movie Rocks, but the road has been closed to vehicle travel for many years and is mostly reclaimed. The road is now just a trail used by hikers and mountain bikes.

          From the trailhead hike up the Movie Road approximately 300-yards until you reach a steep descent. The top of this hill is the Jacobs Ladder Trail - Movie Road junction (N40 29' 46", W111 48' 55"). The Jacobs Ladder Trail turns east (right) and follows the ridge line, the Movie Road descends the gulley and than climbs steeply to the Movie Rocks.

          From the Jacobs Ladder Trail - Movie Road junction you want to stop and plan your accent to Storm Window. Looking directly north you will see a granite rock outcropping on a ridge 750 feet above you. Storm Window Arch is located in the granite rock outcropping.

          After planning your route, descend the Movie Road into the gully and cross the perennial stream (N40 29' 49", W111 48' 55"). Immediately after crossing the stream locate an emerging hiker trail on the west (left) side of the Movie Road. Hike up the steep emerging hiker trail and ascend the ridge line which begins to your west (left). If you stay on the ridge it will take you to Storm Window Arch (N40 30' 05", W111 48' 47").

          Storm Window Arch is approximately 4-feet high by 25-feet wide. The arch is difficult to see from the south side unless you are standing directly in from of it. But it is easy to locate once you reach the granite rock outcropping.

          There is also a second, smaller, arch located below Storm Window on the very west end of the rock outcropping. We call the second arch "Ambush" because it jumps out at you if your navigation takes you too far west on your accent to Storm Window. Ambush is about 4-feet tall by 3-feet wide.

Ambush Arch The family at Jabobs Ladder Trailhead.

Movie Rocks:
Movie Rocks is where the 1968 movie "Devils Brigade" starring William Holden, Cliff Robertson and Vince Edwards was filmed. The Movie Rocks make a fun hike, particularly if you combine it with an evening of watching the movie Devils Brigade. Its fun to compare the 1968 view of farm land with the cities of Draper and Lehi that exist today.

          The storyline of the movie involves a World War II special fighting unit that is formed combining a crack Canadian outfit and a conglomeration of US Army misfits previously serving time in military jails. After an initial period of conflict between the two groups, their enmity turns to respect and friendship and the unit is sent Italy to attempt a dangerous mission which has heretofore been considered impossible to successfully complete.

Outstanding views from Storm Window

          Enjoy a short video of Storm Window Arch high in Corner Canyon overlooking Draper, Utah.


Please take only pictures and leave only footprints.

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