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Petroglyph Canyon - North Panel

Rock Art
Zion National Park
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          Humans have occupied the Zion Canyon area for perhaps 7000 years. Past inhabitants include Archaic, Anasazi, Fremont and Southern Paiute. Any or all of these groups may have contributed Rock Art to the Zion area. Please help protect this legacy; look, but don't touch. As you enjoy these images please remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints.

          Most of the figures in the Zion area are petroglyphs, which means they were pecked or scratched into the rock. There are some pictographs, which means the image was painted. You will find an abundance of figures including anthropomorphs (human like figures), concentric circles, spirals, snakes and Zoomorphs (animal like figures).

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South Gate Petroglyphs:
          The South Gate panel is extremely easy to access which has resulted in vandalism over the years. The panel contains about a dozen images with a spiral and a Zoomorph being most prominent.

          Among the jumble of contemporary etchings is what some speculate is an ancient summer solstice marker. Once a year, on June 21, a jagged rock casts a shadow resembling the open jaw of a coyote onto the face of Sacrifice Rock. As the sun rises higher, the shadow "swallows" a petroglyph in the shape of a spiral.

South Gate Petroglyphs Deertrap Mountain Petroglyphs

Deertrap Petroglyphs:
          To view the Deertrap panel you must be willing to hike one mile over unmarked slickrock. The panel contains many faded petroglyphs. Most of the images are anthropomorphs and Zoomorphs. The hike to the panel will require about one hour each way and is best done in the cool morning or evening hours. This is a gratifying hike in an uncrowded setting.

Kokopelli - Petroglyph Canyon North Panel Stormy at the Petroglyph Canyon South Panel

Petroglyph Canyon:
          The Petroglyph Canyon archeological site contains two panels of rock art totaling over 150 figures. Almost all of the figures are petroglyphs with one lone pictograph. This is the best rock art site in Zion National Park.

          The North Panel contains at least 76 figures, including the site's only pictograph - a small red triangle. The site contains numerous images of the ever popular Kokopelli. There is something appealing about Kokopelli. which fascinates all kinds of people, even in our modern technological age.

          Between the two panels, is a series of wide grooves along a rock shelf about knee height. These grooves are the result of tool sharpening.

          The South Panel is 200 feet from the North Panel on the same cliff face. It contains at least 77 figures. Most are animals with an abundance of bighorn sheep.

Petroglyph Canyon - Zion National Park

          Enjoy a short entertaining video of a trip to Petroglyph Canyon.


Please take only pictures and leave only footprints.

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