Cassidy Arch - Capitol Reef National Park

Cassidy Arch

Capitol Reef National Park

          Cassidy Arch is an exceptional hike to a natural bridge in Capitol Reef National Park. This outstanding hike is one of the more popular hikes in the park and for good reason, as the adventure is well worth the effort.

General Information:
Click Here for Google Earth KMZ fileClick Here for Map          Cassidy Arch is not difficult and can be completed by any healthy adult or older child in average physical condition. No special gear is required other than footwear suitable for walking over rough ground. The hike involves walking approximately 1 1/2 miles miles each way over a well maintained trail. The route will require approximately two or three hours round trip to complete.

          Much of the route is exposed to the sun and there is little shade available. During hot weather an early morning or evening hike is recommended. Every member of your hiking party should carry at least one liter of water. This hike should be easily accessible year round.

         Navigation for this hike is easy. The route is well marked and signed. A GPS is extreme over kill but I have included the important waypoints for the gizmo junkies. The USGS 7.5' Map titled "Fruita" covers this hike. You should have no problems completing this hike using only commonsense.

Combo Platters:
          Cassidy Arch is often combined with the complete Frying Pan Trail by those wanting to insert more adventure or create a longer day. The technical canyoneering junkies will want to combine this route with a trip through Cassidy Slot Canyon.

Cassidy Arch - Capitol Reef National Park Cassidy Arch - Capitol Reef National Park

Trailhead Information:
          From the Capitol Reef Visitor Center (N38 17' 28", W111 15' 41") follow the paved Scenic Drive south into the National Park for 3.4 miles to the signed Grand Wash Road (N38 15' 22", W111 13' 58"). Turn east (left) and follow the well maintained gravel road for 1.3 miles to the Grand Wash Trailhead. The trailhead is easy to locate as the road ends in a large parking area with a vault toilet and information kiosk. All vehicles should be able to access this trailhead in dry weather conditions.

Cassidy Arch - Capitol Reef National Park Cassidy Arch - Capitol Reef National Park

Route Information:
            From the
Grand Wash Trailhead (N38 15' 49", W111 13' 57") hike east down Grand Wash for 1/4 mile to the signed Cassidy Arch Trail Junction (N38 15' 57", W111 12' 48"). Take the Cassidy Arch Trail and follow it as it climbs the north canyon wall for 1 mile to a second junction (N38 15' 52", W111 13' 29") signed Cassidy Arch. Continue following the Cassidy Arch Trail west for an additional 1/4 mile to Cassidy Arch (N38 15' 40", W111 13' 33"). Enjoy the views and return the way that you came.

Cassidy Arch - Capitol Reef National Park Cassidy Arch - Capitol Reef National Park

          Cassidy Arch is named after the infamous western outlaw Butch Cassidy (Robert Leroy Parker). Cassidy was the most prolific bank and train robber of his time. After a term in prison Cassidy organized a group of outlaws, including the "Sundance Kid", Harry Longabaugh, known as "The Wild Bunch". From 1896-1901 the Wild Bunch robbed over a dozen banks and trains throughout the West, relying on secret hideouts, knowledge of the land and fast horses for escape. It is known that the Wild Bunch used Grand Wash to traverse the Waterpocket Fold.

Cassidy Arch - Capitol Reef National Park

          Enjoy a short entertaining video of a trip to Cassidy Arch.


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