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*** Favorite Adventure Tales ***

          The following section contains adventures tales, stories and interesting newspaper articles.  I have tried to include something for everyone in this area.  I am always interested in new submissions so if you have and interesting story or a message you would like to share please feel free to use the "Feedback" section to submit it.


A Bad Day in Good Day Jim
Caught in a
Flash Flood

Barranca del Cobre - Copper Canyon
A Mexican Canyoneering Tale

Baptist Draw Accident - San Rafael Swell
A Night to Remember

Buckskin Bites Back
Winter Epic in Buckskin Gulch

Canyoneering Primer
A guide to Improve your Skills

Canyoneering Rescue - Zion National Park
Mystery Canyon Rescue

Chambers Rescue - Robbers Roost
Slot Canyon Rescue

Cheating Death in Bluejohn Canyon
Story of Survival

Choprock Claims Two
Death in Choprock Canyon

Confessions of a Kiddie Canyoneer
What is Rap-N-Swim?

Das Boot is Named
How the Slot was Named

Death in the Lower Black Box
Two Deadly Canyoneering Tales

Escape From Alcatraz
A Hair Raising Canyon Escape

Escaping The Subway
Canyoneering Epic

Flash Flood - Antelope Canyon
Deadly Flash Flood Tale

Flash Flood in the Black Hole
Deadly Flash Flood Tale

Flash Flood - San Rafael Swell
Caught in a Flash Flood

Flash Flood - Zion National Park
Spectacular Pictures of a Flash Flood

Full of Surprises
Goon in a wetsuit

German Tourists In Imlay
Where did you come from?

Grand Teton - Extreme Picnic
Personal Account of Summit Attempt

How Bad Can It Get - Little Wild Horse
Snowstorm & Flash Flood

Kolob Canyon Disaster - Zion
Death in Kolob Canyon

Legend of Hog Allen
True Zion Ghost Story

Leprechaun Canyon - Injury & Rescue
When Things go Wrong

Little Colorado River Gorge
January 1980 - Canyoneering

Lost in the Uintas
Tale of Two Lost Hikers

My Favorite Canyon
A Day in the Life of a Canyoneer

No Mans Tragedy
The death of Louis Cicotello

Opening Pandora's Box
Search & Rescue

Pfeifferhorn - Winter Mountaineering
Personal Account of Summit Attempt

Robbers Roost
Outlaw Legend

Sandthrax - Canyon of Doom
Trapped in a Deadly Canyon

Sandthrax - Epic Debacle
Sandthrax Claims More Victims

Schoolyard Opinion
Never Kick a Fresh Turd on a Hot Day

Single Rope - Robbers Roost
Epic Adventure

Stuck in Chambers - Robbers Roost
Epic Adventure

Stupid Mistakes and Close Calls
Rock Climbing Miscues

Technical Canyoneering Gear
A Guide to Canyoneering Equipment and it's use.

The River Trip
Flashed in The Chute

Canyoneering Tales
Book of epic, humorous and tragic canyoneering stories.

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